I'm doing JOJO commissions!

2017-07-23 10:40:41 by Jaxks


*Up front Payment through PayPal Invoice Please*

If you want something more that a full-body drawing e.g. like one plus a background, or maybe even something else feel free to message or e-mail me and we can work out a price!

If you would like to commission me, you can send me a message or e-mail at tehjaxks@gmail.com

Hey whats up!

I have an origianl aniamtion on the way as well as an overwatch cartoon but ive been mainly focusing on freelance work, speaking of which if you would like to work with me, im open to do any paid aniamtion work! 


Tried making a Jojo collab a while back but not many people joined. Now in the year 2017 I hope theres more people that like JOJO because im starting a new collab. Although I already have some people a part of it so if you want to join heres a link to the post about it - http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1422611



I will be using the site Behind The Voice Actors to collect peoples submissions so if you don’t have an account already go make one! The characters that are there at the minute are the ones I have already animated but there will be more characters added in the future when I work out how to fit them in. 

ゴ ゴ ゴ -------------------------------------SUBMIT HERE!!!---------------------------------- ゴ ゴ ゴ

You will have till August 31st, 2016 to submit


I don’t want to post everything I have done but as you can see I’m trying to make the trailer look the best it can but with doing so it is taking ages to animate it, I don’t know how David Production does it so fast. Although I feel I can do the backgrounds justice. cant really say went it will be out hopefully soon!

So I have been putting this animation off a bit since I lost some of it to the death of my last hard drive, but I have come back to it and started working on it again. I started this to practice different animation skills so i’m kinda making it up as I go along, I hope to get this out early summer.




Another thing I have been working on is a small trailer for the steel  ball run manga. The trailer is coming along nicely and I think I have finally found how to do the JOJO’s anime style effectively. Although I will be putting the animation on the back burner since I want to finish this and my college work But in the summer I will be working my ass off on it.        

First animation update

2015-05-22 20:08:35 by Jaxks

This is just an update telling whoever following me what im currently working on and what I hope to do for the future.

I have a few ideas for original projects that I could do but most are not very fleshed out yet or lack more than a 10 second gag. So with having nothing to animate other than just practising my animation skills, I started on the simple plot of MGS because people were asking me to do the next one and I had nothing on my plate at the time. I was trying to go slow with this animation redesigning characters, making my lines smoother ect.


Anyway I was taking my time with this and was hoping for a summer release. but someone made an animation of it before I could and I know dentrodelvjuego got skewered over and had to release his animation unfinished because of that too.

I am not completely giving up on this animation, but I am very unmotivated to work on it. Although if people really like how its coming along and want to see another simple plot of MGS animation then ill try to get it out.


So other than working on that I have been trying out different animation styles and techniques, like trying to animate in more of an anime style, which I made a short animation of giogio on my tumblr.


Speaking of jojo I was thinking of starting a JoJo's bizarre adventure colab similar to the Kill la kill colab that's going on, I think that would be pretty fun to do.

Oh, just to add on, I have just stated working on a SleepyCabin animated. Its the little ska8y episode and im basically doing it for the sake of making a jojo references. That should be a quick little animation with not much enough needed but knowing me ill probably spend ages on it...

I think that's it. Good on you if you red all that, ill try and post some SleepyCabin animation screenshots if I get the chance.

BYE xxxxxx ;)